Public meeting on 15th October

You are invited to an open public meeting, to hear about plans to develop a community hydro scheme in Corwen
The meeting will be in The Pavilion on 15th October at 7pm
We will be covering the work has been done so far and what remains to be done. We will also be describing how the scheme would operate as a co-operative and how you could become a member.
The scheme would be built on the Nant Cawrddu. The project is being set up as a co operative, the capital will be raised by selling local shares, and surplus profit will be put into a community fund.
A planning application has been submitted, and a lot of work has already been done to obtain all the permissions that are needed if the scheme is to go ahead. A lot more work still remains to be done.

Launch of Pioneer Share Offer

Corwen Electricity Co-operative are delighted to launch their pioneer share offer. This is to raise money needed to complete the development phase of the project to obtain planning permission, the abstraction licence and to put in place the necessary leases and easements.

By buying shares in the scheme, you will become a member of the coop. You will also be paid interest on your share and will get the capital returned to you by the end of 20 years.

Once the development work is complete, there will be another opportunity to buy shares in the second stage which will be raising money for the main construction.

You can find all the details of the share offer in the Share Offer Document in the download section of the website.